Skytop wine and liquor picture gallery

Staff picture alot of wine displays aric with customer liquor aric with customer Skytop inside store picture cooler wine angel Skytop liquor wall Skytop birds eye view 1911 cocktails canned display bright interior liquor store california wine selection dr frank wines wine cooler skytop wine wall bottles Skytop skytop wine stock crew sign iron smoke barrel whiskey full store wall of wine bottles featured liquors  front door Organic wine bottles in wooden box  John and Mom piggy wine bottle Josh wines display menage display mom and team predator wine bottle close up  pino grigio close up rose close up rose display  rose wine section top shelf scotch rum and tequila top shelf scotch whiskey skytop sign  staff favorite wines wood rack wine bottles top shelf vodka wine bottle displays in store  whiskey display with promo sign wine bottles display with sale sign wine bottles in wood wines-under-ten-dollars  wine bottles wall wood crates with wine bottles inside liquor store front door 1911 liquor wine of bottles island corner store wine bottles wall wall of wine bottles white wine box displays

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Skytop Wine & Liquor

Peter’s Skytop Liquors has been bleeding Orange & Blue since 1982! Walls, counters, and décor all Orange and Blue to support the Orange. Peter’s Skytop liquors features over 1,000 types of wine and champagnes from countries and regions all over the world. An impressive liquor selection showcases 150 variations of vodka including 45 different vodka flavors. Peter's Skytop Liquors also features a fully stocked 12-foot cooler with our top selling wines and champagne. To better serve our customers and growing business we remodeled our store in July of 2017. Peter's Skytop Liquors is conveniently located in the Tops Plaza steps away from Syracuse University’s South Campus.

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